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Here at Myers of Keswick we are flattered to learn that we have so many imitators of our world renowned Cumberland Sausage, which we have been producing on a daily basis here at our Hudson Street store for the past 27 year.
Using only the finest cuts of pork and honest to Goodness herbs and spices. NO lugs or lips nor any funny chemical preservatives!

The proof of our truly authentic sausage is in the eating.
Just feast your eyes on these epicurean masterpieces...
Imitators, eat your hearts out!



Cumberland Sausages


Cumberland Sausages, a speciality of the Lake District


In 1907, William Mather Myers bought a butcher shop from Tom Pape. Along with the shop came the recipe for Cumberland Sausage, a recipe which has remained unchanged to the present day. We can confidently state that these are the only authentic Cumberland sausages made in the USA. They are made fresh daily on the premises of Myers of Keswick, under the watchful eye of Peter Myers, Grandson of William.