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England Flag Pin

Union Jack

Union Jack/USA Friendship Pin

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$ 2.95 +Tax
in stock $ 4.95 +Tax
sold out $ 2.95 + Tax

Union Jack Bunting

Union Jack Bunting
12ft bunting contains 10 flags - Plastic

Union Jack Postcard

sold out $ 24.95 +Tax
in stock $ 5.95 + Tax
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$ 0.95 +Tax

Union Jack Party Napkins
20 per Pack

sold out $ 5.95 +Tax

Ornamental ceramic UK Bus

Please note that this is NOT tea pot 

in stock $ 24.95 +Tax

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Serving Tray

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$ 15.95 +Tax

Union Jack Tea Towel
100% Cotton

sold out $ 9.95 +Tax

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Union Jack Mug

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$ 10.95 +Tax

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Union Jack Tea Cosie

sold out $ 35.95 +Tax

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Union Jack Sticker

in stock $ 2.95 +Tax

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Car Flag
Available: St. George, Union Jack, Ireland

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$ 15.95 +Tax

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$ 3.95 +Tax

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Union Jack Pencils
Set of 4

sold out $ 2.95 +Tax

Union Jack Jumbo Pen

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$ 3.95 +Tax

Union Jack Umbrella

in stock $ 14.95 +Tax

Silver plated spoon

in stock
$ 12.95 +Tax

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