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Sensations (Carton)
An assortment of individually wrapped milk chocolates



Quality Street
Individually wrapped sweets


Roses (Carton)
An assortment of individually wrapped milk chocolates


sold out $ 10.50 +Tax
sold out $ 12.95 +Tax
sold out $ 16.95 +Tax

Bags of Sweets*

Milk Chocolate Eclairs $ 6.95 +Tax 180g in stock
Milk Chocolate Buttons $ 6.95 +Tax 145g in stock
Twirl Bites  $ 6.95 +Tax 145g in stock
Crunchie Rocks $ 6.95 +Tax 130g in stock
Wispa Bites $ 6.95 +Tax 130g in stock
Dairy Milk Marvellous With Oreo $6.95+Tax  111g  in stock 
Dairy Milk Marvellous with Maynards $6.95+Tax 111g in stock
Munchies $6.50+Tax 126g sold out
Jelly babies $5.95+Tax 215g sold out
liquorice allsorts $5.95+Tax 215g in stock
Everton mints  $5.95+Tax  200g  sold out 
Pear drops $5.95+Tax 200g in stock
Sherbet lemons $5.95+Tax 192g sold out
Murray mints $5.95+Tax 193g in stock
Pick & Mix $ 5.50 +Tax 150g in stock
Jelly Tots $ 5.50+Tax 150g  in stock
Fruit pastilles  $5.50+Tax 150g  sold out 
Marks and Spencer      
Percy Pig $ 6.95 +Tax 170g in stock
Pontefract Cakes $ 4.95 +Tax 160g sold out
Wine Gums $ 1.95 +Tax Roll in stock 



Various Sweets*

  Whole Nut Chocolate $6.95 +Tax 200g sold  out
  Dairy Milk Daim 5.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Whole Fruit & Nut Chocolate $4.95 +Tax 120g  in stock
  Dairy Kilk Oreo $4.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Dairy Milk Chocolate $6.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Dairy Milk crunchie $6.95+tax  200g  in stock
  Bournville Chocolate $ 4.95 +Tax 100g in stock
  Crunchie $ 1.50 +Tax 40g in stock
  Curlywurly $ 0.95 +Tax 26g sold out
  Flake  $ 1.50 +Tax 32g
  in stock
  Dairy Milk Caramel $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Dairy Milk Cookie Nut Cruch $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Dairy Milk Jelly Popping Candy $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Buttons $ 1.95 +Tax  33g sold out
  Fudge $ 0.95 +Tax 25g in stock
  Picnic $ 1.75 +Tax 48g sold out
  Twirl $ 1.95 +Tax   in stock
  Double Decker $ 1.95 +Tax 60g expired
  Wispa $ 1.95 +Tax 39g in stock
  Aero Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 42g in stock
  Milkybar GHOST $1.95+Tax 25g in stock
  Mini smarites Pumkin  $1.95+Tax 21g in stock
  Toffee Crisp $ 1.95 +Tax 45g expiredt
  KitKat 4 Fingers $ 1.95 +Tax 48g sold out
  KitKat Chunky $ 1.95 +Tax 48g in stock
  Lion Bar $ 1.95 +Tax 52g in stock
  Smarties $ 1.95 +Tax 38g in stock
  Smarties Bar $4.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Smarties Boxs $3.95+Tax   sold out
  Walnut Whip $ 1.95 +Tax 35g in stock
  Yorkie $ 1.95 +Tax 68g in stock
  Milky Bar $ 0.75 +Tax  12g in stock
  Fruit Gums $ 1.95 +Tax 48g in stock
  Fruit pastilles $1.175+Tax 48g in stock
  Fruit gums  $4.95+tTax 125g  in stock 
  Turkish Delight $ 1.95 +Tax 51g in stock
  Chocolate Cream $ 1.75 +Tax 49g sold out
  Orange Cream  $ 1.75 +Tax 49g sold out
  Peppermint Cream $ 1.95 +Tax 49g in stock
  Mars Products      
  Maltsers Box  $ 5.95 +Tax 120g sold out
  Maltesers $ 1.95 +Tax 37g in stock
  Maltesers Teaser $ 5.95 + Tax 150 g in stock
  Minstrels $ 1.95 +Tax 42g sold out
  Galaxy $ 1.95 +Tax 46g in stock
  Bounty Milk Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 57g sold out
  Bounty Plain Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 57g sold out
  Mars Bar $ 1.95 +Tax 58g sold out
  Love Hearts $1.25 +Tax   sold out
  Sherbet Fountain $ 1.25 +Tax 25g in stock
  Refreshers $ 1.25 +Tax   sold out
  Chocolate Orange $ 7.95 +Tax  175g sold out
  Chocolate Orange Plain  $ 3.95 +Tax  175g sold out
  Uncle Joe's      
  Mintballs $ 7.50 +Tax 200g sold out

 *We import directly from the U.K.
   Please note that all of the products listed are not always available.