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Wine Gums (Carton)
Made with natural colours.


Jelly Babies (Carton)
You can have fun choosing from the different fruity flavoured soft jelly sweets.



Liquorice Allsorts
Filled with Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts sweets.


Fruit Pastilles  (Carton)
Chewy sugar coated chewy candy with real fruit flavors.


in stock
$ 12.95 +Tax
in stock
$ 12.95 +Tax
sold out $ 12.95 +Tax
in stock
$ 14.95 +Tax

Christmas Santa
The perfect Christmas stocking filler a novelty Maynards Christmas Mix in a festive Christmas Santa jar.


Jelly Baby Boy Jar
This limited edition makes a great collectable jar for future sweet storing or for felt tips or crayons.


Jelly Baby Girl Jar
This limited edition makes a great collectable jar for future sweet storing or for felt tips or crayons.


in stock
$5.95 +Tax
in stock
$12.95 +Tax
in stock
$12.95 +Tax

Bags of Sweets*

Milk Chocolate Eclairs $ 6.95 +Tax 180g in stock
Milk Chocolate Buttons $ 6.95 +Tax 145g in stock
Twirl Bites  $ 6.95 +Tax 145g in stock
Crunchie Rocks $ 6.95 +Tax 130g in stock
Wispa Bites $ 6.95 +Tax 130g sold out
Dairy Milk Marvellous With Oreo $6.95+Tax  111g  sold out 
Dairy Milk Marvellous with Maynards $6.95+Tax 111g sold out
Munchies $6.50+Tax 126g sold out
Jelly babies $5.95+Tax 215g in stock
liquorice allsorts $5.95+Tax 215g in stock
Everton mints  $5.95+Tax  200g  sold out 
Pear drops $5.95+Tax 200g in stock
Sherbet lemons $5.95+Tax 192g sold out
Murray mints $5.95+Tax 193g sold out
Pick & Mix $ 5.50 +Tax 130g in stock
Jelly Tots $ 5.50+Tax 130g  in stock
Fruit pastilles  $5.50+Tax 130g  in stock
Marks and Spencer      
Percy Pig $ 6.95 +Tax 170g sold out
Pontefract Cakes $ 4.95 +Tax 160g in stock
Wine Gums $6.50+Tax 190g in stock
Wine Gums $ 1.95 +Tax Roll sold out 



Various Sweets*

  Whole Nut Chocolate $6.95 +Tax 200g in stock
  Dairy Milk Daim 5.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Whole Fruit & Nut Chocolate $4.95 +Tax 120g  in stock
  Dairy Kilk Oreo $4.95+Tax 120g sold out
  Dairy Milk Chocolate $6.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Dairy Milk crunchie $6.95+tax  200g  in stock
  Bournville Chocolate $ 4.95 +Tax 100g in stock
  Crunchie $ 1.95 +Tax 40g in stock
  Curlywurly $ 0.95 +Tax 26g in stock
  Flake  $ 1.50 +Tax 32g
  in stock
  Dairy Milk Caramel $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Dairy Milk Cookie Nut Cruch $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Dairy Milk Jelly Popping Candy $1.95+Tax 45g in stock
  Buttons $ 1.95 +Tax  33g in stock
  Fudge $ 0.95 +Tax 25g in stock
  Picnic $ 1.75 +Tax 48g sold out
  Twirl $ 1.95 +Tax   in stock
  Double Decker $ 1.00 +Tax 60g expired
  Wispa $ 1.95 +Tax 39g in stock
  Aero Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 42g in stock
  Milkybar GHOST $1.95+Tax 25g sold out
  Mini smarites Pumkin  $1.95+Tax 21g sold out
  Toffee Crisp $ 1.95 +Tax 45g expired
  KitKat 4 Fingers $ 1.95 +Tax 48g in stock
  KitKat Chunky $ 1.95 +Tax 48g in stock
  Lion Bar $ 1.95 +Tax 52g sold out
  Smarties $ 1.95 +Tax 38g in stock
  Smarties Bar $4.95+Tax 120g in stock
  Smarties Boxs $3.95+Tax   sold out
  Walnut Whip $ 1.95 +Tax 35g sold out
  Yorkie $ 1.95 +Tax 68g in stock
  Milky Bar $ 0.75 +Tax  12g sold out
  Fruit Gums $ 1.95 +Tax 48g sold out
  Fruit pastilles $1.175+Tax 48g in stock
  Fruit gums  $4.95+tTax 125g  sold out 
  Turkish Delight $ 1.95 +Tax 51g in stock
  Chocolate Cream $ 1.75 +Tax 49g sold out
  Orange Cream  $ 1.75 +Tax 49g sold out
  Peppermint Cream $ 1.95 +Tax 49g in stock
  Mars Products      
  Maltsers Box  $ 5.95 +Tax 120g sold out
  Maltesers $ 1.95 +Tax 37g in stock
  Maltesers Teaser $ 5.95 + Tax 150 g in stock
  Minstrels $ 1.95 +Tax 42g in stock
  Galaxy $ 1.95 +Tax 46g in stock
  Bounty Milk Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 57g in stock
  Bounty Plain Chocolate $ 1.95 +Tax 57g in stock
  Mars Bar $ 1.95 +Tax 58g in stock
  Love Hearts $1.25 +Tax   in stock
  Sherbet Fountain $ 1.25 +Tax 25g in stock
  Refreshers $ 1.25 +Tax   in stock
  Chocolate Orange $ 6.95 +Tax  175g in stock
  Chocolate Orange Plain  $ 6.95 +Tax  175g in stock
  Uncle Joe's      
  Mintballs $ 7.50 +Tax 200g sold out

 *We import directly from the U.K.
   Please note that all of the products listed are not always available.